This video shows our Magic Swimmer® trailing off the end of our boat in deep water off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico suddenly being joined by a LIVE Sardine looking for companionship and mutual safety.

Note how the Sardine keeps up with the Magic Swimmer® and even nudges it a couple of times.  As the live Sardine darts in and out, it’s a struggle to sometimes figure out which is the live bait and which is our Magic Swimmer®!  If you’re looking for the most alive looking bait on the market, don’t you want to fish the bait that even has the resident baitfish confused?

Check out the variety of sizes and colors of the Magic Swimmer®!


Sebile Fishing Lures offer Innovative Fishing for fisherman across the globe and were created by Patrick Sebile.
Our Models include: the Magic Swimmer, ACAST Minnow, Slim Stick, Bonga Minnow, Bonga Jerk, Flatt Shad, Ghost Walker, Koolie Minnow, Onduspoon, Splasher, Stick Shadd and Crankster.
Feel free to look through our site and contact a dealer from the dealer list to purchase any Sebile products. Please contact us with any questions.
Thanks, Sebile USA.